The Purpose of the AromaTouch Hand Technique

While the AromaTouch® Technique provides one of the most effective ways to use the essential oils on the body, it requires time and planning. This is why the AromaTouch® Hand Technique can be of tremendous benefit due to its simplicity and impactful effects. It is a quick and easy way to give an individual an essential oil experience.

 AromaTouch® Hand Technique Oil Suggestions
The AromaTouch® Hand Technique is simple and powerful because any of the dōTERRA essential oils or essential oil blends can be used. This technique can be catered to each individual by selecting an oil that will best benefit them. It takes between 5-10 minutes which amounts to about 2-5 minutes per hand. While quick and simple, it still can provide a big impact through the human connection that is formed and make someone’s day a little better.

When you participate in our AromaTouch® Technique certification training, you also learn how to give the Hand Technique as part of the class. To watch instructional videos of each movement used in the AromaTouch® Hand Technique, click here.

What Is the AromaTouch Technique?

dōTERRA’s AromaTouch® Technique is a simple, yet powerful approach to applying Essential Oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help stimulate and balance the nervous systems of the body.

Developed by Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., to provide people with an uplifting experience. 
Each essential oil in the AromaTouch® Technique was selected for it’s individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful combined properties and uses specific guidelines and instructions for both dosage and application that make it a safe and effective way to receive all of the benefits of essential oils while connecting with another person on an emotional level.

Regardless of who you are – anyone can learn the technique and put it to use in the lives of their loved ones.